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Boy Swallows Universe 
Six one hour episodes based on the acclaimed novel by Trent Dalton. Hopscotch are co-producing with Anonymous Content (US) and Chapter One (UK) 


The Apostles
Four-parter written for producer Cary Brokaw when he was at Sony.
The story starts with the crucifixion. One man, Peter, has been charged with the task of spreading Christ's message. Another, Paul, is determined to help Roman storm troopers crush the sect once and for all.
Together, in the space of years, they will spread liberation theology throughout the known world and ultimately confront the emperor Nero himself.


The Flying Hospital
Pilot episode for Scott Free about a team of Aid doctors flying around the world's trouble spots.


The Heart Surgeon
Two part drama comissioned by Sophie Belhetchet at World Pictures and produced by the BBC.
A high-flying heart surgeon Alex Marsden falls in love with the wife of his best friend. When the friend develops angina he insists that Alex performs the dangerous bypass operation.
Driven by guilt, Alex agrees to do it, operating on the man he most loves, while a small part of him also wants the guy dead.


King of Scots
Written for Scott Free and Discovery - the story of a three way power struggle between Edward I of England, freedom fighter William Wallace, and Edward's erstwhile ally on the Scottish borders - Robert the Bruce.
Before Wallace dies, Bruce changes sides and the high-born nobleman becomes a fugitive in the Scottish Highlands, slowly regathering his forces to confront Edward II at Bannockburn. 


Lewis and Clark
Rewrite for HBO of a six parter by John Curran, Michelle Ashford and Edward Norton.  I did a rewrite of the first two episodes (Of Six) and some minor revisions to subsequent episodes, but the production was put on hold.


Pilot for an eight-part drama series following the Voyages of Odysseus from the fall of Troy to the retaking of Ithaca.
Commissioned by FX network.


The Open Cage
Four Part adaptation written for British production company "Warner Sisters" from the true story by Daniel Start.
A group of students are taken hostage by the Free Papua movement then pursued by Indonesian Army helicopters through the impenetrable mountains and forests of Iryan Jaya.  



Wan Toks
For Producer Linda James. First Episode of a series about aid doctors in the Pacific Islands.



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