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Kingsley's Touch


To Edinburgh surgeon Alistair Kingsley, medicine is a science. So, when a dishevelled Indian mystic identifies him as the messiah of his ancient Hindu sect, and claims to have endowed him with the healing touch, Kingsley dismisses him as a harmless crank. When evidence suggests mysterious "cures" among patients he has merely examined, Kingsley retalliates with cold, hard reason; until an incurable illness strikes the person dearest to him, and his logical world starts to unravel.


"Remarkably powerful, gripping, and chilling medical thriller"  - Daily Express


"Thoughful, chilling, funny, tantalizing"  - Time Out


"An absolutely outstanding storyteller"  - Daily Telegraph

A Paper Mask

ISBN-0-533 28501 7

A nailbiting thriller in the tradition of "Ripley's Game". Hospital orderly Matthew Harris is every bit as smart as the junior doctors he works alongside. He's also trapped, bored, ambitious and ruthless. When a medical intern dies, Matthew assumes his identity and takes the dead man's next job, on the far side of the country, as a junior Emergency Room physician. As the deception starts to unravel,  the young nurse who falls for him is the one person standing between the newly-minted bogus doctor and the exposure of his lethal charade.


"Newcomer of the year... with complete believability the plot keeps twisting right up to the final words"   Time magazine            


"First Rate... Fast paced and entertaining... Great technical panache" - Newsweek


"John Collee has a masterful hand at narrative and a fast sure pro style... His work is clear, artfully unaddorned, and paced like a race hose"  - News Day

The Rig

ISBN-0 670 83819 5

Many people had pinned their hopes on the discovery of oil in Madagascar, but there is no oil, and in a tragic finale to the futile exploration, a plane crash kills the departing foreign drillers. In Canada, Spence, a burnt-out rig-worker, accepts the job of taking an inventory of the mothballed rig, but in the dusty decrepit town of Morundava on the Mozambique channel, he slowly develops the notion that the air crash was no accident. So begins his Odyssey into the dark heart of the international oil industry.


"Sophisticated thriller that hops back and forth from the untouristed tropics to the steppes of Alberta to great effect"      Kirkus Reviews      

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