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The Antikythera mechanism
Screen Story  for "Circle of Confusion", in the style of Romancing the Stone.
An archaelogist experimenting with the mysterious Antikythera mechanism on Hawaii opens a portal to a sort of Bermuda triangle in which travellers from many periods of history have become lost and are now in conflict. 
Film Treatment written for Michael Mann, about Henry V's campaign to retake parts of Western France, culminating in the battle of Agincourt.
Michael has the rights to a novel by Bernard Cornwell, telling the story through the eyes of one of the English bowmen. This version had Henry V himself as the central character. 
The City In Space
Brief outline for a TV series about a the inhabitats of a city flying across the galaxy. A few hundred thousand inhabitants have been sent to colonise a distant planet, which they will not reach for two or three generations. 
The Climate Guy
True story about a climate scientist battling a hostile senate, well-funded sceptics, and his own diagnosis of terminal cancer.
This was loosely  based on Hilary Mantel's novel "A Place of Greater Safety", which is now being made by DNA, but read this if you think Muslim nations are the only ones who have trouble adjusting to the idea of democracy.
Eight parter about three young idealists - Danton, Desmoulins and Robespierre - who reshaped an entire country, from a monarchy to a Republic in the space of eight years, creating bloody mayhem in the process.
Hiber Nation
Film treatment comissioned by Jeffrey Katzenberg at Dreamworks Animation. 
In the dead of winter, a bunch of Woodchucks and an antisocial porcupine start messing with God's blueprint. 


My original story about a medical student in 1898 Seattle who gives up his final year of study to join the Klondike Gold Rush. Heavily influenced, of course, by Jack London's tales of the Klondike.
Out of Russia
True story of an amateur British pilot who crash landed his small plane in Soviet Russia to win back the woman he loved.
The Pirate
Proposal for a long Running TV series in the style of "Deadwood" based on the life story of Henry Morgan and his reign in the pirate stronghold of Port Royal Jamaica. 

The Praetorian

This is the Origin story of the Furiosa character in Fury Road.


George described the various story beats in some detail then I went away and wrote it as a 30 page outline. 

Being developed as a sequel to Mad Max 4.

Outline for Gotham Chopra at Virgin Comics of a futuristic fantasy series based on the Hindu Myth.
Ric Kelman wrote the script of my story for Mandalay.


Ruth and Seretse
True story, commissioned by Kennedy Miller, about the British secretary who falls in love with and marries the king of what is now Botswana - provoking an international incident in both countries.
Thieves of Baghdad
From the book by Matthew Bogdanos about his team of American marines tasked with stealing back the treasures looted from a Baghdad museum in the chaotic months following the fall of Saddam.
Outline only. Paramount optioned the book but didn't do anything with it. Matthew now has it with another production company. 


Taro and Capa



Set during the Spanish civil war - the love story between the war photographer Robert Capa and the love of his life Gerda Taro.

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