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Brief biography - I studied Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland, and subsequently worked as a doctor in the UK, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and the Solomon Islands.

From 1991-96 I wrote a popular weekly medical column for The Observer Newspaper, UK.

Since moving to Sydney in 1998 I've written or co-written a number of feature films including the Oscar nominated “Master and Commander” and the Oscar winning “Happy Feet.” More recent work includes "Creation" - about the home life of Charles Darwin - "Walking with Dinosaurs" and "Wolf Totem".    


My novels - all published by Penguin - include “Kingsley's Touch”,  “A Paper Mask” - both medical thrillers - also “The Rig”, inspired by my work as a doctor for a Canadian drilling company in Madagascar.


I'm married to a newspaper journalist and we have three grown-up children.

I'm creative director of Hopscotch Features (producers of Russell Crowe's "The Water Diviner" etc), also co-founder and board member of the climate action group 350.Org, Australia.


Below are a few links to interviews about specific projects and writing in general.

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