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It's a unique sort of writing job, being a screenwriter. It's more social and collaborative than being a novelist, less ephemeral than a lot of journalism, better conditions than being a poet; but the downside is that most of your output will only be read by a few dozen producers, directors and actors.


Many films you write will never be made, and these unproduced scripts remain locked away in studio vaults - available as writing samples to people in the industry, but otherwise just gathering dust.


The scripts that do get produced are designed to be invisible. Unlike a book or a documentary, a film is not something you're supposed to contemplate from the outside. It's a totally immersive medium which means that if it's any good the audience will be too absorbed in it to consider how it was crafted.

So this website was a way of assembling my output over the past quarter-century - some fifty or sixty scripts of which about half made it to the screen  with varying degrees input from me - consultant, writer or co-writer. 

The rights to the screenplays reside with whoever commissioned them but a password to read the script can often be provided if you send me a message via the contact button, top right.

Theres a short 18-minute video below on my basic approach to screenwriting.

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